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Union des consommateurs
“The Union des consommateurs believes that the implementation of the principles proposed by the NDP, through their private member’s bill amending the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, constitutes a real advancement to better protect the privacy of consumers.” Union des consommateurs
openmedia, Executive Director Steve Anderson
“We welcome Charmaine Borg’s online privacy bill because we think it’s a tool that can later be applied to protect our privacy against reckless warrantless access to our private information by government authorities. This bill is a useful stepping stone to safeguard our privacy.”, Executive Director Steve Anderson
Ontario Civil Liberties Association
“We fully and unconditionally support your endeavour to have Bill C-475 approved in Parliament, and we offer our congratulations on this effort to hold organizations accountable in regards to their responsibilities to protect Canadians' personal information.” Ontario Civil Liberties Association
Petition for myPrivacy
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My Privacy Online: Bill C-475


C-475 needs Conservative Party support. Contact Conservative MPs to tell them you care about privacy reform. 

See recent Postmedia article on C-475

Myths and Facts on C-475:


Myth: "The government is committed to updating PIPEDA"*

Fact: The Conservative government has ignored legal requirements to update Canada's privacy law for 3 years and shows no sign of commitment to updating a law that hasn't been amended since 2001.


Myth: "...any changes that are proposed should have been discussed thoroughly with business, consumer advocates and academics... The proposed new measures put forward in Bill C-475 were not."*

Fact: During the drafting of Bill C-475, I consulted with approximately 40 Canadian stakeholders, including 11 corporations/business associations; 15 civil liberties and consumer protection groups from 5 provinces; 15 academics specializing in privacy, internet and technology.


Myth: "The new powers [in C-475] would place an undue burden on personnel within the Privacy Commissioner's office."*

Fact: The Privacy Commissioner responded publicly to this on April 22, 2013 at ETHI:

When asked by MP Charlie Angus: "Given the seriousness of a potential data breach, do you believe that if we updated PIPEDA to ensure order-making powers and administrative monetary penalties, your office would not have to spend the kind of money it has to spend on legal matters and that it could get better and more timely results for Canadians?"

Privacy Commissioner Stoddart responded: "I do, and that's why I'm recommending it."


*Note: all quotes taken from Parliamentary Secretary Mike Lake statements in Hansard on October 22nd 2013


To find out more about C-475, CLICK HERE.


Privacy Commissioner's Position Paper on reforming PIPEDA, HERE.


Charmaine Borg

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Over a year ago, I signed on to Openmedia’s Pro-Privacy MP petition - with Bill C-475, I am keeping my promise, as a legislator, to strengthen privacy protection in the digital age. Privacy protection is important to me both as the Digital Affairs Critic for the Official Opposition and as a net-savvy young Canadian. I owe it to you, my fellow Canadian, to make sure our laws keep pace with new digital realities and challenges. This bill aims to ensure that you will be informed if ever your personal information has been breached and put at risk. As well, it will put pressure on organizations to respect Canada's privacy law and ensure they keep your data secure. Like you, I want to enjoy all the remarkable and novel digital products and services available. But I also want to have control over my personal information and be informed if ever it has been put at risk. My bill is about restoring our confidence in online privacy and protecting children, seniors and all of us who depend on digital technologies.

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